Applied Linguistics Zone update

The new featured topic is English for Specific Academic Purposes.

  • Listen to extracts from an interview with Dr Marc Fiedler where he discusses the elements of academic life reflected in Cambridge English for Scientists
  • Read a sample chapter from Cambridge English for Scientists
  • Also includes links to articles by Hikomaro Sano and Alex Gilmore, as well as a chapter from English for Academic Purposes by R.R. Jordan.

There are also new Reading Room materials with articles from Guy Cook, Marie-Madeleine Kenning and Howard Hao-Jen Chen, as well as book chapters from Rose Senior, and Hanan Khalifa and Cyril Weir

Following on from the success of our previous competition, we are giving away 3 copies of Cambridge English for Scientists. Click here for details.

See the Applied Linguistics Zone page above for more information and free resources.

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