Language Erosion

There’s a timely article by Laura Spinney in The Independent today highlighting the recent discovery of Koro, a previously unknown language in India spoken by around 800 people. The ensuing discussion around language evolution, and indeed extinction, draws upon the research of Cambridge University Press authors Tecumseh Fitch and Stephen Levinson – click here to read the article.

The Evolution of Language


The Evolution of Language

Tecumseh Fitch

Language, more than anything else, is what makes us human. It appears that no communication system of equivalent power exists elsewhere in the animal kingdom. How, and why, did language evolve in our species and not in others? Tecumseh Fitch brings together important insights from diverse disciplines to explore one of the biggest unsolved puzzles of human history.

2010 | £29.99

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Grammars of SpaceBESTSELLER

Grammars of Space: Explorations in Cognitive Diversity

Edited by Stephen C. Levinson & David P. Wilkins

In this collection, a team of leading linguists and psychologists look at how the spatial domain is structured in language. Drawing on data from a wide range of languages, they uncover considerable cross-linguistic variation across this central domain, adding to debates about the innate foundations of human cognition.

2006 | £39.99

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