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We’re giving away free access to our entire 2012 journal content for 6 weeks!

From 22nd January – 5th March, all Cambridge Journals content published in 2012 will be available for free on CJO. All you have to do is register.

There’s a lot you can do in 6 weeks; it’s long enough to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy 88 times, and for Usain Bolt to win 378,789 100m sprints. You could train to be a ski instructor, or take 117 trips to the moon on a NASA probe. Or, you could read the 100,000 articles that were published in Cambridge Journals in 2012…

To gain access to all this free content, you simply need to fill in the online registration form, using the following offer code:


And that’s it! Once you’ve registered, you’re free to use your 6 weeks to browse over 300 journals, peruse over 1000 issues and save innumerable searches and bookmarks. Once you’ve experienced what we have to offer from 2012, we hope you’ll come back and read the additional c.6 million pages of content on CJO. Although that might take a bit longer than 6 weeks …

3 comments to Free access to all 2012 content on Cambridge Journals Online

  • That’s wonderful news! I’ve been downloading the articles and they’re just great. =)

    I’d like to report a bug and I don’t know where else to do it. In “Language Teaching” 2012 issues 2 and 3, there are comparative book reviews about material design and cross-linguistic influence. However, when we go to “how to cite this article”, they’re indexed as reviews of historic/sociological books which have nothing to do with those topics.

    • Katie

      Hi Natália,

      Thank you for you message regarding the citation information for the comparative book reviews in Language Teaching 45/2 and 45/3. I have tested this and all appears to be working correctly from my end. Please can I ask you to send me a screen shot of the incorrect citation information and I will ask our CJO development team to investigate.

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Katie (Cambridge Journals)

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