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Welcome to Cambridge Extra, a blog hosted by Linguist List that seeks to provide the global Linguistics community with information, news, updates and special offers from the world of Linguistics. You can browse posts by category, and view our recently published titles page, by using the headers above.

Cambridge University Press advances learning, knowledge and research worldwide; it is one of the largest and most prestigious academic and professional publishers in the world.

The Press is a world leader in linguistics, fostering partnerships in teaching and research at every level of our publishing. We publish the best-known textbook brand in the field, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as the market-leading monograph series ‘Cambridge Studies in Linguistics’. Our prestigious reference publishing includes ‘The Cambridge History of the English Language’, ‘The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language’, and a series of major ‘Cambridge Handbooks’ devoted to the main subfields within linguistics. Cambridge is by far the leading publisher of peer-reviewed linguistics journals, with a current portfolio of twenty-four titles covering the whole breadth of the discipline. This gives us unrivalled, direct access to the principal markets for our books. We have a broad, international range of authors, including Noam Chomsky, William Labov, Andrew Radford, Emanuel Schegloff, Jean Aitchison and David Crystal.

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