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Access two new informative applied linguistics podcasts from the EuroCALL 2010 conference.


Listen to an interview with Robert O’Dowd, conducted by Mirjam Hauck at the EuroCALL conference 2010. Dr. O’Dowd discusses his specialist area of research, telecollaboration in language learning, explaining amongst other things its usefulness in advancing learners’ digital literacy and intercultural communication skills. He also talks about teacher training needs in this area, and how he thinks the field will develop.

Also make sure to check out the interview with Gary Motteram, conducted by Nicolas Guichon. In this podcast, Dr Motteram explains how he became involved in researching technology in language learning and teaching. He goes on to talk in-depth about issues surrounding teacher education and technology, including the use of Second Life as a meaningful tool for language learning.

Listen now to these and other podcasts as well as other relevant vodcasts at

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