Verbo-pictorial metaphor in French advertising

Blog post written by Isabel Negro based on a recent article in Journal of French Language Studies

In the last decades metaphor has been vastly researched within the cognitive framework. The study of linguistic metaphor was followed by a body of work into visual and multimodal metaphor (i.e. metaphor occurring in diverse modes). Multimodal metaphor is manifested in specialized language, including economics, political cartooning, winespeak and advertising.

This new paper explores the use of verbo-pictorial metaphors in advertising through a corpus of French print ads. We show the persuasive role of metaphor, which works as an advertising strategy.

Starting from the claim that adverts serve a persuasive purpose, it will be argued that multimodal metaphor contributes to that purpose.

The paper addresses three issues:

a) how multimodal metaphors are manifested in the French advertisements;
b) how image and text interact in a concrete type of multimodal metaphor in French print advertisements, namely verbo-pictorial metaphor;
c) how verbo-pictorial metaphor performs a pragmatic function in advertising.

Read the full paper Verbo-pictorial metaphor in French advertising’ without charge until 30th June 2014

Example adverts:


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