Studies in Natural Language Processing Series

Volumes in the Studies in Natural Language Processing series provide comprehensive surveys of current research topics and applications in the field of natural language processing (NLP) that shed light on language technology, language cognition, language and society, and linguistics. The increased availability of language corpora and digital media, as well as advances in computer technology and data sciences, has led to important new findings in the field. Widespread applications include voice-activated interfaces, translation, search engine optimization, and affective computing. NLP also has applications in areas such as knowledge engineering, language learning, digital humanities, corpus linguistics, and textual analysis. These volumes will be of interest to researchers and graduate students working in NLP and other fields related to the processing of language and knowledge.


General Editor: Chu-Ren Huang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Editorial Board: Qi Su, Peking University; Francis Bond, Nanyang Technological University; Alessandro Lenci, Università degli Studi, Pisa; Lori Levin, Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania; Maarten de Rijke, Universiteit van Amsterdam; Nianwen Xue, Brandeis University, Massachusetts


Coming Soon:

Creating a More Transparent Internet edited by Piek Vossen & Antske Fokkens- March 2022

Computational Analysis of Storylines edited by Tommaso Caselli, Eduard Hovy, Martha Palmer, & Piek Vossen- January 2022


New in 2021:

Similar Languages, Varieties, and Dialects edited by Marcos Zampier & Preslav Nakov

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